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“MaanTech to perform a challenging pre-design project surrounding the user experience for an interactive Web 2.0 application with e-learning. MaanTech team assessed .... ”

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Ajax Application


Web2.0 has seen a Meteoric rise in number of applications using AJAX in the presentation layer. MaanTech expertise in AJAX Applications enables you to create more interactive web applications which actively engage the user and also allow you to Make the ‘fully loaded’ web application of yesteryears more slender, swift and fast, delivering a rich user Experience.

MaanTech has successfully delivered projects using the following open source libraries.


Our Broad range of DWH / BI services allow you to;

  1. YUI - Rich widget library Supported by Yahoo.
  2. DOJO – Very light and rich widget library with large community backing that is apt for lightweight Applications.
  3. GWT – Widget toolkit backed by Google.

In Practice, Most AJAX applications implement the following suite of technologies to achieve the rich performance and experience;

  1. XHTML based UI which is fully customized using CSS.
  2. UI manipulation using DOM.
  3. Data interchange in form of XML or JSON.
  4. Asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest.
  5. Javascript to bind all elements.

Because of inherent lack of structure in scripting languages such as Javascript, the most challenging part of developing AJAX based web applications is to write maintainable code. MaanTech has vast experience in writing complex, Object oriented Javascript based applications thus making the application code highly maintainable and easy to service.