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“MaanTech to perform a challenging pre-design project surrounding the user experience for an interactive Web 2.0 application with e-learning. MaanTech team assessed .... ”

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Why MaanTech


Our Strength

  1. One-Stop Resource Center for dynamic e-commerce Web solutions, Business process automation tools and custom software development.
  2. Impeccable Track Record of delivering fully customized and innovative e-business solutions to meet industry and business-specific requirements.
  3. Outsourcing Partner of leading software/Web solutions companies.
  4. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with a stringent Quality Management System.
  5. Round the Clock Customer Support and dedicated Account Managers for effective Project Management.

Our Philosophy


MaanTech, “Customer Focus” is our core philosophy. Our capabilities are completely scalable and our processes provide industry-leading results, regardless of the background of the individual or size of the Company or the project in question. Some of the areas where we assist our clients, we place a priority on becoming a business partner who listens give before we get and strive to tell the unvarnished truth. We believe that the ideal outsourcing partner will have the ability to act as a virtual extension of your setup. The relationship that emerges must provide the client a strategic competitive advantage. We do not just sit outside your working environment and limit ourselves to the scope of outsourced work but try to envisage ways by which the partnership can contribute towards enhancing the overall competitive positioning of the client in their market place.


Our Management


In the year by year of operations MaanTech has completed over 50 successful web Application/Portal development projects in some of the most mission critical and quality conscious environments in the world. We are now leveraging this knowledge base to create innovative and successful offshore strategies that can bring the benefits of outsourced product development to our customers.

Management Experience

The management team at MaanTech cumulatively has over 10 years of experience working in the India and US at Senior Management Positions in Web Product Development and Engineering. Our entire management team has lived, studied and worked in different parts of the world. Our Management team brought with them their extensive management experience in leading technology companies coming together to establish MaanTech. This ensures that MaanTech, as an organization, understands the business ethics and commitment to customer success with a level of quality and adherence to schedules that you ought to expect from your offshore vendor.


Our Process


We realize the need for robust, reliable and scalable processes to meet project deadlines and deliver quality products to our customers. However, as the Web Application/Portal development life cycle progresses, often conforming to plan no longer remains the primary goal, instead, satisfying customers-at the time of delivery, not at project initiation-takes precedence. In many projects we review, major changes in the requirements, scope and technology that are outside the development team's control often occur within a project's life span because you cannot remain unresponsive to business conditions. And we more than welcome this, simply because we have embraced this challenging situation as a process conformation requirement. Our teams are equipped to swiftly act and adapt themselves for handling inevitable change requests because we understand from experience the importance of flexibility. Embracing and not just accommodating change means that we retain quality, primarily because the focus does not change with changing requirements.

Best Communication

We believes that effective and constant communication with our customers ' success’. Our offshore Application/Portal product delivery model gives a lot of emphasis on transparent and quick communication.

There are several ways to effective communication with our customers for their outsourced software development:
  1. There is a Single point of contact for the customers at MaanTech called the Pro Manager who is responsible for product development and customer understanding.
  2. We ensure that there are at least one to two hours of overlap time for communication daily.
  3. We use phone, email, messengers and web conference tools effectively. At our Development Centers in India that connect us to customers 24X7. These come FREE for the customers.
  4. Detailed Status Reporting. Managing projects through Development Server accessible to customers.


Our Quality


Our Offshore  Web based Software Application Development and software engineering processes have been awarded .We ensure a very strong commitment to the quality of the Web product we engineer. After all, the products need to meet the expectations of the customers and exceed the quality of the competitors. We ensure using our global delivery models that the outsourced product development is world class and meets the highest standards of product quality and delivery.

Our testing teams do rigorous functional, system, integration, performance and usability testing before we release the Application/Portal. Our engineering processes are constantly improving so that we produce quality Portal, faster. We are evolving the best practices for successful execution of outsourced Application/Portal development.

At MaanTech, our engineers are always focused on Rapid, Reliable and Robust Web Product Development to meet "time to market" requirements of our clients. A dedicated offshore web development team of best in class technology professionals provides the product engineering services with proper testing and quality assurance.


Our People


Our people are our most valuable asset MaanTech hires and retains the best talent available in India to work for and lead its Web Application/Portal development organization. All potential candidates go through a very stringent and rigorous screening, interview and background check process before they are made part of MaanTech technical teams. We are proud of our people and their day to day achievements in producing excellent work products and keeping our customers satisfied and we are determined to keep this culture alive.

Even the best minds need to be constantly challenged and made sharper. In addition to providing an excellent work environment that fosters independent thinking, we provide constant training to all our employees though organized training programs, technical exchange programs and seminars on a wide range of technical, leadership and effective communication topics.

The highly flexible open door culture of the organization and ample career growth and learning opportunities culminate into a motivated, collaborative team of people who always do the right things in the right manner to deliver excellent results for your projects. MaanTech teams have demonstrated perfect synergy surpassing customer expectations every single time.